Harry has this week revealed that he and Taylor Swift swapped phone numbers at the recent Kid’s Choice Awards in America, and they’ve both been texting each other!

In a recent video with the Herald Sun (shown below), Harry was asked about Taylor, and he said that “We met in America and she’s very nice.”

Harry is a well known ladies man, and his string of flirtacious encounters seems endless.

Since ending his fledgling relationship with 15-years-senior Caroline Flack back in January, he’s been linked with no fewer than 6 different ladies: Ellie Halliwell (Australian Reporter), Jillian Harris (American Actress), Lily Halpern (American Singer), Sarah-Louise Colivet (Irish Photographer), an unknown American fan, as well as an ex who now lives in New Zealand!

It seems there’s just no stopping Harry and his miraculous hormones. Note to mothers – lock up your daughters if Harry is ever around.

Despite only turning 18 couple of months back, Harry is on an apparently unstoppable quest to flirt with every woman he comes across – the common factor being that they’re all older than him!

We wonder if Harry will always have the hots for the older lady – perhaps when he’s 40 he’ll be fancying 60-year-olds? Grab a granny night anyone?

Hazza can boast being quite possibly the most eligible bachelor in the world right now – due in no part to the huge success being enjoyed by One Direction all over the planet.

Justin Bieber recently spoke out about he met the boys in a New York recording studio, and his manager admitted a collaboration could be possible in future.

Harry and Justin together? Like, in the same room? Golly gosh!

Next we’ll be hearing about a collab with Cody Simpson or the new kid on the block, Conor Maynard.

Nah, we’re happy with our Hazza!